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Posted by on Feb 26, 2014

What is Everyday Innovation?

What is Everyday Innovation?


The ability to generate and sustain innovation has become an imperative for organizations as markets grow more global, open, and competitive, and customer expectations grow more diverse and demanding. Our world demands a new view toward innovation  – a new brand of innovation, one that is more broad and more inclusive. In order for our world and the organizations in it to prosper, it is essential that everyone learn the skills to become active contributors toward innovation. Organizations must commit to innovation as a key strategy for success and expect and support everyone in the organization to be an active contributor toward innovation. Our world demands Everyday Innovation.

We hear a lot of talk about the importance of innovation, but too often people walk away not fully comprehending what it means, or how it relates to them, or how to make it actionable. Everyday Innovation brings meaning and purpose to innovation by specifically defining and branding innovation to your unique needs and goals. Everyday Innovation translates innovation into actionable terms through customizable plans that guide and enable you to meet and exceed your innovation goals. Everyday Innovation helps you view your world and your work through an "innovator’s lens" in order to create the outcomes and future you want.

Everyday Innovation occurs when everyone in an organization is actively and continuously supported, encouraged, and contributing toward the generation and implementation of new ideas and innovation of all types, from small to transformational, to improve our organizations and our world.

The term everyday has three meanings that represent three fundamental components of Everyday Innovation: (1) Involving everyone in innovation; (2) Valuing every type of innovation, from small to transformational; and (3) having an innovation mindset at every moment.


The Three Meanings of Every


Everyone is contributing to innovation


Including diverse perspectives will uncover better ideas. The potential of the outcomes we create expands as we actively include a diversity of perspectives. We can’t depend only on a select few departments for innovation in order to be successful; higher forms of innovation require more people and therefore you need more people with innovation skills.

Every type of innovation is valued


Innovation is scalable. The same principles apply to incremental innovation as well as breakthrough innovation. Our world is moved by smaller pushes as well as mighty shoves. Leveraging small innovations may also create a ripple effect that can result in larger breakthroughs. Build the skills of innovation and create momentum.

Every moment is an opportunity for innovation

Innovation can’t be scheduled. You shouldn’t merely "carve out" time for innovation. We need to continuously view our world and work through a lens of innovation.



Everyday Innovation brings a flexible discipline and purposeful focus to innovation, rather than expecting innovation to happen by itself or leave it to random chance. Everyday Innovation represents a systematic approach for building innovation capabilities and focuses on the capabilities of both the people and the organization.  That last statement is important to note, because all too often, all of the talk about innovation fails to sufficiently address the organizational capabilities necessary to encourage, expect, reward, and drive innovation. We should not expect too much return from our investment toward innovation if that investment is limited only to building people capabilities without a commitment toward building the organizational capabilities that support and fuel innovation

Most organizations are not designed to innovate, and you should not expect an organization to do what it is not designed to do.

Our world now demands that innovation be an ordinary aspect of our everyday work, for everyone. With everyone involved and contributing, along with proper organizational support, this ordinary aspect of our everyday work leads to extraordinary results.

Imagine the future that you could create as an Everyday Innovator. Imagine what your organization could do if you developed the power and potential of Everyday Innovators throughout your organization.  Imagine the power and potential of your organization, if it were to create an environment that supported Everyday Innovation (rather than stifling it, whether intentionally or unintentionally).  What benefits and outcomes could be realized if everyone participated in the innovation process on an ongoing basis? Imagine the magnitude of the positive impact on our lives, our work, our organizations and our world.

Everyday Innovation offers infinite opportunity, power and potential.  Leverage the power of Everyday Innovation to create the desired outcomes you want and a future even greater than you can imagine. Everyday starts today.  Join the Everyday Innovation community. Together we generate, cultivate and sustain innovation that contributes toward the advancement of our organizations, communities and world.

Terry M. Farmer,, Ph.D., Co-Founder and President of EiQ, provides an overview of the Everyday Innovation organizational strategy. In addition, Dr. Farmer discusses the importance of having a predominate "creating mindset" in today's hyper-competitive global economy.

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