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Posted by on Aug 1, 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the EiQ Everyday Innovation Summit at Disney World in September

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the EiQ Everyday Innovation Summit at Disney World in September


1. Innovation is the #1 imperative of our time.

As Scott Anthony from Innosight (2011) states, “In today’s world, innovation is not a choice.  If you do not innovate, you are sowing the seeds of your own destruction.” This is not just about the ability to develop a few new products and services every year, but innovation defined more broadly as a way of viewing our world and our work—the way innovators do. This includes the way we design our teams, departments, and organizations; the way we make decisions, set priorities, and allocate resources; and the way we will lead and support people within organizations. At the Summit, you will learn how to implement an innovation strategy and action plan specific to your role, as well as with your team, department and organization.  Learn more here.

2. You will be engaging with a highly experienced team of facilitators with more than 90 years of combined experience.

Your Summit facilitators have a wealth of experience in the areas of innovation, big data, change management, organizational development, performance improvement, geospatial, and learning strategy. This team has also worked across a variety of industries and organizations including The Walt Disney Company, Nationwide Insurance, Honda, Rubbermaid, Ernst and Young, American Express, TerraFly, and IBM.

3. You will bring real challenges and leave with solutions you can implement immediately.

At the Summit, you will connect with others through the application of new innovation models and tools to generate new and creative ideas and solutions to address real problems you are facing. You will also leave the Summit with an action plan that will enable you to put in place the processes, tools, and resources to generate a continuous stream of ideas and innovations strategically focused on your current (and future) challenges.

4. You will learn how to identify and build the leadership skills needed to support innovation. 

Leadership continues to be one of the biggest barriers to innovation. At the Summit you will identify the specific leadership skills and capabilities needed to support and sustain a culture of innovation.

5. You will leave with methods and tools to improve employee engagement.

Global employee engagement is at an all-time low.  By implementing the Everyday Innovation methods, tools, and techniques that you will learn at the Summit, you will build the infrastructure, talent management processes, leadership, and culture needed to have an immediate positive impact on employee engagement.

6. You will learn how to build both people AND organizational capabilities to support innovation. 

Many “innovation” workshops focus only on the people side—that is, how to be more creative, or tips for generating new ideas, or how to apply a new brainstorming technique, but with little attention given to the organizational support needed to sustain innovation. Without properly aligned organizational support, the most gifted, talented, and creative people in the world won't be successful in having their ideas translated into market-ready innovations. At the Summit, you will identify and build an action plan around the key organizational factors needed to support innovation in your role and organization. Learn more here.

7. You will learn how geospatial technology and Big Data can support innovation.

TerraFly Inc., will participate in the Summit to discuss the “geospatial revolution” and the role that Big Data plays.  You will not only learn how geospatial technology and big data support innovation (and your organization), but you will also experience a team activity at Disney’s Epcot Theme Park where you’ll apply a model of innovation in the context of geospatial. You can learn more about Geospatial Technology here.

8. You will make important and lasting connections.

The Summit brings together people from a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and organizations. The relationships you will establish at the Summit will be enduring and a continuous source of reinforcement, support, ideas, feedback, and perspectives to help you achieve your innovation goals now and in the future.

9. You will receive 2 hours of FREE follow-up consulting from EiQ experts and consultants.

After you return to your organization, you will have access to EiQ experts for 2 hours of consulting to help you after the Summit as you implement your action plan.

10. Your one-time Summit registration fee is virtually all-inclusive. 

Your registration fee includes your tuition for the 2 ½ day workshop; 3 night’s hotel accommodations at The Walt Disney World Resort; as well as breakfast and lunch each day.  Your fee also includes a half-day theme park admission ticket for the team activity at Epcot and the fireworks and desert activity later that evening. If you are flying into Orlando, you will be able to board (for FREE) Disney’s “Magical Express” transportation, which will pick you up at the airport and delivers your luggage directly to your Disney Resort room.

The deadline for registration is Midnight (EST), Monday, August 17th, 2015 so register today!

Learn more and Register for the Summit here.

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