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The Why that Drives EiQ


The driving passion behind EiQ is a desire to make a positive impact on organizations, communities and our world by building the innovation capabilities of individuals and organizations.  Throughout our professional careers, we have all too often encountered, good ideas and innovation, kept to an individual or very localized level, unrecognized, unsupported and unleveraged for broader positive impact. This can occur for a variety of reasons and involve a variety of individual and organizational factors.  What matters most is the realization that generating, cultivating and sustaining innovation has never been more critical to our organizations, our communities and our world.  It is essential that everyone learn the skills to become active contributors toward innovation.  And it is essential that organizations commit to innovation as a key strategy for success and expect and support everyone in the organization to be an active contributor toward innovation.

Innovation potential is in each of us and in every organization.  It is critical that we apply this potential toward building the individual and organizational innovation capabilities necessary for the advancement of our organizations, our communities and our world. 

This is the purpose behind the passion at EiQ.  EiQ's strategic methods and tools will help you build the individual and organizational innovation capabilities you need to succeed, and will help focus your innovation efforts where the greatest positive impact and outcomes will be accomplished.

We welcome you to contact us to discuss how EiQ and its affiliate network can help you with your unique needs, challenges and goals.

Best regards,

Terry M. Farmer, Ph.D., and Xavier Butte

Co-Founders, EiQ

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