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Everyday Innovation Workshop and Community

Everyday Innovation Workshop and Community

Everyday Innovation Workshop and Community


Build Your Innovation Skills and Network With a Community of Innovative Peers in Cleveland

Immerse yourself in a results-focused day of learning the essential skills of innovation. During this impactful one-day experience we will bring together a network of talented people from multiple organizations to share, learn and collaborate around the topic of innovation in the workplace. You will learn how to develop both the individual and organizational capabilities to build and sustain a culture of innovation. Arrive with your challenges, leave with solutions!

To highlight just a few of the "take-aways" from this experience you will:

  • Learn to apply a strategic process for driving a culture of innovation in your organization.
  • Discover how innovators generate new ideas and apply that method to your own unique challenges and goals.
  • Collaborate with others to create an innovation action plan specific to your own goals.
  • Participants will bring a real organizational challenge they are facing and leave with an Innovation Action Plan comprised of ideas and next-steps to address their challenge—leading to quick, visible results.
  • Join a collaborative and supportive network of people that share a passion for advancing the innovation capabilities of themselves, their teams and organizations.

This Everyday Innovation experience is at Baldwin Wallace University on Thursday, December 10th   The cost for participating in this experience is $599.00 per participant. This exciting opportunity has a registration deadline of November 30th.

Practical & Impactful Learning With a Highly Experienced Team of Facilitators

EiQ's workshops are facilitated by EiQ Co-Founders, Terry M. Farmer, Ph.D. and Xavier Butte, along with a very talented team of associates. Learn more here or click on the images below.  Contact EiQ directly with any questions or contact Terry M. Farmer, Ph.D. at 330.249.1118. 

Terry M. Farmer, Ph.D., EiQ Co-Founder and President

Terry M. Farmer, Ph.D., EiQ Co-Founder

Xavier Butte, EiQ Co-Founder and President

Xavier Butte, EiQ Co-Founder

Evan Ishida, Co-Founder Knowledge Post

Evan Ishida, Co-Founder Knowledge Post

Deb Peluso, Co-Founder The Change Collaborative

Deb Peluso, CEO at The Change Collaborative


EiQ will deliver a 1-day version of its highly successful “Everyday Innovation” workshop. The Everyday Innovation strategy focuses on building both the “people” and “organizational” capabilities needed to drive and sustain a culture of innovation (see article, “The Yin and Yang of Innovation”).  It also reflects the belief that everyone should participate in the innovation process regardless of level, function, title, or role. Through a series of team-based discussions, exercises, and collaborative activities, participants will learn to apply the process innovators use to generate new ideas and innovations. This process is represented by a model called ARC, which stands for Acknowledge, Reframe, and Connect (see article, “The ARC Model”).  Participants will bring a real organizational challenge they are facing and leave with an Innovation Action Plan comprised of ideas and next-steps to address their challenge—leading to quick, visible results. 

Our World Demands Everyday InnovationTM

We hear a lot of talk about the importance of innovation, but too often people walk away not understanding what it means, or how it relates to them, or how to make it actionable. Yet, the ability to generate and sustain innovation has become an imperative for organizations as markets grow more global, open, and competitive, and customer expectations grow more diverse and demanding. To succeed today, everyone must learn the skills to become active contributors toward innovation.

A Results-Focused Learning Experience 

The Everyday Innovators Workshop focuses on generating innovative solutions for the challenges you are facing in your organization. 

As a result of EiQ's Everyday Innovation experience, you will learn to apply the ARC Model (Acknowledge, Reframe, and Connect) which is the process innovators use to continuously generate new ideas and innovations. You will also learn to apply the five phases of the BASIS Method (Brand, Assess, Spark, Implement, and Sustain) which is a scalable, systematic approach for driving and sustaining innovation in your organization.

Your experience will include many different collaborative activities using strategic methods and practical tools for sparking and sustaining idea generation and innovation where you need it most. You will experience how Everyday Connections™ can lead you to outcomes far greater than what you imagined possible.

For example,  See the exciting agenda for the Everyday Innovation™ Summit at Walt Disney World.

Who Should Attend this Event

Typically, leaders and managers have attended and benefitted from EiQ workshops, however a powerful differentiator and fundamental philosophy of EiQ's Everyday Innovation methods and tools involve engaging everyone within an organization in the innovation process. This Everyday Innovation Workshop is designed for anyone who has a passion and goal around driving more innovation into their organization and culture. This could include those who lead teams, departments, or functions or consultants working to help their clients become more innovative.

What others say about Everyday InnovationTM methods and tools:

"Thanks so much for your wonderful Innovation Workshop! The Board and Partners were stimulated, engaged, and motivated to apply the concepts, tools and approaches you shared to all parts of our organization. Thanks to EiQ, this is a workshop with lasting impact!"

"Our partnership with EiQ is taking our organization to success beyond what we ever imagined possible!"

"This workshop was remarkably practical – allowing us to examine the challenges that arose through a year’s worth of strategic planning using a variety of innovative approaches and lenses. We now have a series of tools to encourage innovative thinking in every aspect of our work. A series of brainstorming breakouts yielded new targets, new approaches, fresh ideas, and new sources of additional ideas and innovations.  Thank you EiQ for such a thought-provoking and engaging workshop."

"This was a very inspiring workshop. It clearly showed that the skills of innovation can be taught to a broad audience. Some of the organizations were small, and some were large. In all cases, there were core areas where new ideas and new approaches were needed. The EiQ process helped these leaders, and staff members to work through some simple approaches to generating ideas. The second day was more focused on creating processes for each organization to enable innovation on an ongoing basis. It was great to see the leaders walking away feeling empowered to approach their work with new perspectives, and with a sense that they could sustain it going forward."

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