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Posted by on Jun 1, 2015

EiQ’s Everyday Innovation Summit at Walt Disney World

EiQ’s Everyday Innovation Summit at Walt Disney World


EiQ is proud to announce the Everyday Innovation™ Summit at the most innovative place on Earth—the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, September 15-18, 2015!  EiQ’s Everyday Innovation™ Summit will be held at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and include activities at EPCOT.  Reservations to this exclusive event are limited to fifty participants and the registration deadline is August 17,  so register now. This Summit provides an incredibly impactful and valuable experience for all, emphasizing the practical application of methods and tools for building and sustaining the innovation capabilities of individuals, teams and organizations.

The Everyday Innovation™ approach was derived from years of research and experience in the areas of innovation, Human Performance Technology (HPT), organizational development, talent management, and learning and development. It provides strategic and practical methods and tools that directly address the fact that most organizations see innovation as one of their highest priorities and the key to their long-term survival (Koetzier and Alon, 2013; Anthony, 2012; Christensen, 2003) and a capability that everyone should demonstrate rather than limited to the R&D and product development functions (Scanlon, 2009; Skarzynski and Rowan, 2008; Dyer, Gregersen, and Christensen, 2011; Bruzzese, 2012; Norena, 2013).

Although there have been multiple research studies outlining recommended skills needed by people to be innovative (Dyer, Gregersen, and Christensen, 2011; Sloan, 2006; Fritz, 1989) only limited attention has been given to identifying the organizational “capabilities” needed to ensure that organizational systems and processes are properly aligned to support innovation.

In fact, many organizations today are designed mostly for incremental improvement rather than innovation (Sloane, 2006) and many human performance systems (e.g., performance management) are not properly aligned to support innovation (Shapiro, 2012).

In May 2014, Accenture reported that 93 percent of CEO’s in top organizations continue to regard their company’s long-term success to be dependent on its ability to innovate but that only 18 percent believe their own innovation strategy is delivering a competitive advantage. However, they also reported that

“Organizations that have a holistic, formal system in place for innovation report better outcomes and higher levels of satisfaction from their innovation investment.” 

At the Everyday Innovation™ Summit, participants learn to apply EiQ’s BASIS Method that brings a holistic and systemic process for driving and sustaining innovation in an organization.  BASIS stands for Brand, Assess, Spark, Implement, and Sustain

As part of learning the elements of BASIS, participants gain access to a comprehensive innovation toolset. One of the macro-level tools is an interactive, high-level planning, implementation and communication tool, called the BASIS “Canvas.” Throughout the Summit experience, each participant collaboratively completes a BASIS “Canvas” that is strategically focused where idea-generation and innovation are most needed in their organization.

In addition, Summit participants also learn to apply the “Innovator’s Lens” represented by the ARC Model. ARC stands for Acknowledge, Reframe, and Connect and represents the process innovators use to generate new ideas and innovations. Through a series of individual and team-based activities, participants apply ARC to a real organizational challenge they are facing.  They acknowledge the current state around that challenge (both positive and negative), reframe the challenge in terms of a desired outcome, and then identify a diversity of connections for generating new ideas to bring that desired outcome to life. 

One of the many popular learning experiences at the Summit is the team-based activity that takes place in Disney’s EPCOT Theme Park.  During this activity, teams apply EiQ’s Everyday Connections™ tool to connect to a diversity of people, data, experiences, and analogies within EPCOT to learn from the innovation at Walt Disney World and apply it to their own needs and desired outcomes!

Another very popular and unique experience from EiQ’s Everyday Innovation™ Summit at Walt Disney World is the catered dessert party and private viewing of EPCOT’s Illuminations fireworks display—another spectacular Disney innovation!

Everyday Innovation™ Summit facilitators include EiQ’s Co-Founders Terry M. Farmer, Ph.D. and Xavier Butte. To learn more, visit EiQ’s Everyday Innovation™ Summit information page and register today!

Co-Founder and President of EiQ, Terry M. Farmer, Ph.D., describes the amazing learning and collaboration experience of the "Everyday Innovation Summit" held at the Walt Disney World Resort.  The next Summit takes place September 15th - 18th, 2015. Register today!

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