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Posted by on Oct 8, 2014

EiQ is Honored to Work with Social Venture Partners (SVP) Cleveland Leadership

EiQ is Honored to Work with Social Venture Partners (SVP) Cleveland Leadership


EiQ has been working with Social Venture Partners (SVP) Cleveland, along with some of their investee organizations and partners to build innovation capabilities that spark idea-generation and innovation that makes a meaningful and sustainable positive impact on people, organizations, communities and our world. 

As part of this effort, EiQ recently facilitated an innovation workshop as part of SVP Cleveland’s Leadership Board Advance. Participating in the workshop were SVP leaders, Board members, and partners.  The workshop was customized to align to the specific needs and goals of SVP based upon prior discussions with SVP leadership regarding their vision, strategies, goals, and organizational challenges. The workshop incorporated many of the fundamental components, methods, and tools from EIQ’s menu of workshops, including EiQ’s Everyday Innovation workshop, offered at Walt Disney World.

During the workshop, the SVP leadership participants applied EiQ’s ARC Model to reframe their greatest challenges into desired outcomes and collaboratively generate new ideas and innovation to bring those desired outcomes to life. They applied tools such as the “Everyday Connections™ Quadrant” to spark strategically-focused idea generation by connecting to a diversity of people, data, experiences, and analogies. They practiced “ARCing” throughout iterations of collaborative activities, and they used a subset of EiQ’s tool set to build action plans for learning and idea-generation that will drive and sustain innovation where they need it most.

The group was also introduced to EiQ’s BASIS Method  to plan around what organizational capabilities, related to infrastructure, talent management, leadership and culture, they could put in place to support the strategically focused idea-generation and innovation they need.

EiQ is honored to work with the leadership of SVP Cleveland. They are a passionate group of leaders driven by a meaningful purpose and the desire to make a positive and lasting impact in our communities and our world.  We at EiQ, share this same purpose and passion. And it is truly a privilege and pleasure to contribute toward the incredibly purposeful work that SVP and their investee organizations are leading.

 “Social Venture Partners is the largest network of engaged donors in the world. We build powerful relationships among people and organizations committed to changing our world. With our collective power, we help individuals make a greater impact with their giving, we fund and strengthen nonprofits, and we equip our community to tackle our greatest social challenges.” – Social Venture Partners

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  1. This workshop was remarkably practical – allowing us to examine the challenges that arose through a year’s worth of strategic planning using a variety of innovative approaches and lenses. We now have methods and tools to encourage innovative thinking in every aspect of our work. A series of collaborative breakouts yielded new targets, new approaches, fresh ideas, and new sources of additional ideas and innovations. Thank you EiQ for such a thought-provoking and engaging workshop!

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