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Posted by on Apr 22, 2014

EiQ is proud to work with Social Venture Partners & nonprofit organizations that lead meaningful Social Innovation

EiQ is proud to work with Social Venture Partners & nonprofit organizations that lead meaningful Social Innovation

EiQ is proud to work with Social Venture Partners (SVP) and eight nonprofit organizations in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area, to contribute toward social innovation that makes a meaningful and sustainable positive impact on people, organizations, communities and our world. 

“Social Venture Partners is the largest network of engaged donors in the world. We build powerful relationships among people and organizations committed to changing our world. With our collective power, we help individuals make a greater impact with their giving, we fund and strengthen nonprofits, and we equip our community to tackle our greatest social challenges.” – Social Venture Partners

EiQ was a sponsor of SVP Cleveland’s bigBANG! event, which was held Tuesday, April 8, 2014. Presentations included Aaron Hurst, author of The Purpose Economy (2014), an excellent read (endorsed by Daniel Pink, Reid Hoffman and Arianna Huffington just to name a few), who discussed how we’re shifting from the Information Economy to a Purpose Economy, in which, meaning and purpose is the ultimate motivation and “capital.” EiQ’s website includes several blog articles and videos (i.e. Guy Kawasaki on the importance of “Making meaning”) that align with what Aaron calls, “The Purpose Economy,” and what EiQ calls, “The Innovation Economy.”  Regardless of what we call this change in our global economy, a common thread through all current research is that, now more than ever, our organizations, communities and our world, need the creation of “new ways,” new ideas and innovations from each one of us driven by the need and passion to create and contribute to the meaning and purpose of our organizations, communities, and world.

BigBANG! was a great event with great people, purpose and impact, and included powerful and inspiring “Fast Pitch” presentations by eight different nonprofit organizations. During the bigBang! event, the eight nonprofit organizations were “competing” for additional funding, but they all share in their passion to make a positive impact on people’s lives, our communities and our world. And each organization is driven by a meaningful purpose.  The missions and impact of these organizations are inspiring, and it is EiQ’s privilege and pleasure to work with SVP and all eight of these organizations.  

We encourage you to learn more about Social Venture Partners and the bigBANG! organizations.

And with so many great people at the bigBANG! event, please share your pictures and comments, and share this article and the positive impact these organizations are making!  And share any additional ideas that might contribute to our compelling passion to help these organizations, and any companies or organizations focused on making a positive impact on our communities and our world.