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Posted by on Nov 3, 2016

EiQ Highlights Innovative Leadership at the EPIC Innovations Conference

EiQ Highlights Innovative Leadership at the EPIC Innovations Conference


EiQ was asked to present at the 2016 EPIC Innovations Conference, hosted by the Association for Talent Development of Greater Cincinnati (GCATD). It was a great experience and conference. Terry Farmer and I were honored to represent EiQ at the 2016 EPIC Innovations Conference and the focus on innovative leadership was an excellent fit with EiQ's philosophy, methods and tools. We had a great turnout of very enthusiastic participants that were highly engaged in the interactive team-based activities that included learning the practical application of the ARC Model.  Participants were also introduced to the BASIS Method and supporting tools for accomplishing Everyday Innovation™ within their current role - from organizational or functional team leaders, to consultants supporting clients, to informal leaders and individual contributors. 

We sincerely appreciate all of the enthusiasm and positive feedback during and following our session at the 2016 EPIC Innovations Conference.  The Conference gave us an excellent opportunity to connect with a lot of talented people from a broad range of organizations, industries and roles. We look forward to sustaining the relationships, learning and Everyday Innovation™. 

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