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Posted by on Oct 23, 2014

EiQ Brings Everyday Innovation to the Capital City OD Network

EiQ Brings Everyday Innovation to the Capital City OD Network


EiQ enjoyed an interactive presentation with the Capital City Organizational Development Network (CCODN) at Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio.  This talented group of OD professionals is dedicated to advancing the capabilities and technology of OD across the state of Ohio and internationally.  EiQ’s presentation was titled, “10 Steps to Leading Everyday Innovation,” and focused on the steps organizational leaders can take to build and sustain a culture of innovation within their sphere of influence (e.g. team, department, client organization). These included:

  1. Innovate with a purpose
  2. Reframe problems as desired outcomes
  3. Add innovation skills to development plans
  4. Encourage diversity in all its forms
  5. Practice and support Everyday Connections
  6. Create a physical space for collaboration
  7. Create an ideas-management process
  8. Build innovation into performance management
  9. Develop an innovation communication plan
  10. Serve as a role-model for innovation

Although they were presented as “10 steps,” EiQ emphasized that these actions can be implemented in any sequence, and these steps represented a sample of impactful actions that can lead to quick, visible results around innovation. The EiQ presentation incorporated many of the fundamental components, methods, and tools from EIQ’s menu of workshops, including EiQ’s Everyday Innovation Summit at Walt Disney World.

Also included in the presentation was a discussion around EiQ’s “ARC Model” (Acknowledge-Reframe-Connect) which represents the process innovators use to generate new ideas and innovations.  Participants engaged in a “Rapid Reframe!” activity where they were asked to quickly reframe a succession of problem statements as desired outcomes.  In addition, participants worked together as part of a “Connections” activity where they applied EiQ’s Everyday Connections™ tool to identify a diversity of connection points for generating new ideas around their desired outcomes.

One of the important themes discussed during the presentation was the important role OD can play in building an innovation-based culture. This is because building an Everyday Innovation culture requires building both people and organization capabilities—the “sweet spot” for OD knowledge and expertise. OD professionals can work within their organizations and with their clients to define an Everyday Innovation strategy and then help them identify, assess, build, and align the necessary organizational structures, systems, processes, and tools needed to support this strategy.

The CCODN event was a great venue for networking and exchanging ideas with a very talented group of OD professionals around a topic that is becoming increasingly important to organizations as we've now moved into the “Innovation Economy.”

EiQ thanks CCODN and all participants for a great session, and your enthusiastic engagement, and we look forward to continued collaboration!

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