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Posted by on Jun 30, 2014

EiQ and 8 Organizations Working Together to Drive Social Innovation


Please read and share this story of the nonprofit organizations that EiQ has partnered with to contribute toward social innovation that is making a positive impact in people’s lives, our communities and our world. There is great inspiration and learning that can be drawn from these purposeful leaders and organizations.

Recently, leaders from eight different organizations joined together to participate in EiQ workshops and collaborate toward social innovation. The organizations differ in what they do and the products and services they offer, but they all share in their passion to make a positive impact in people’s lives. And each organization is driven by a meaningful purpose.  The missions and impact of these organizations are inspiring, and it is EiQ’s privilege and pleasure to partner with them to contribute toward their missions.

Humble, active learners, passionate, purposeful, hard-working, and resilient are just a few of the common traits shared by all of these social innovation leaders. They don’t necessarily view themselves as entrepreneurs, or innovators. To them, it doesn’t matter what they’re considered or what they’re called. It’s what they do that matters. It is their purpose and passion that matters.

"Social Innovation is emerging worldwide as people realize that it is time to work together to find new solutions to the challenges facing our society. New initiatives are launched all over the place whether by research institutions, companies or by independent organizations. Those engaged in Social Innovation apply their own definition of Social Innovation, but all definitions have one thing in common: working together towards a sustainable society.”   – Wikipedia

This great group of energetic leaders learned how to apply EiQ’s ARC Model and BASIS Method throughout various collaborative activities to generate new ideas around targeted high-value opportunity areas where new ideas and innovation are most needed by their organization. They applied tools such as the “Everyday Connections™ Quadrant” to spark strategically focused idea generation by connecting to a diversity of people, data, experiences, and analogies. Throughout the iterations of collaborative activities, they used EiQ’s toolset to build “learning” action plans for the testing and implementing of ideas, to drive innovation where they need it most.

Thank you to the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC) for being such a gracious host for the workshops. GLSC is a great organization and facility, located in Cleveland, Ohio, in between the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and First Energy Stadium (home of Cleveland Browns NFL football). 

And a special thanks to Social Venture Partner’s (SVP), for connecting EiQ with these purposeful entrepreneurs, leaders, and nonprofit organizations. EiQ is proud to partner with each of these inspiring leaders and organizations to contribute toward innovation with such meaningful impact.

We encourage you to learn more about, learn from, and get involved with these great organizations. And look for future articles on the partnership between EiQ and these organizations and the social innovation and impact being accomplished.

“Social Venture Partners is the largest network of engaged donors in the world. We build powerful relationships among people and organizations committed to changing our world. With our collective power, we help individuals make a greater impact with their giving, we fund and strengthen nonprofits, and we equip our community to tackle our greatest social challenges.” – Social Venture Partners

You can learn more about some of the organizations that are part of this partnership on SVP Cleveland's website.

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