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EiQ’s Innovative Leadership Summit at Walt Disney World

EiQ’s Innovative Leadership Summit at Walt Disney World

Learn to Be an Innovative Leader at the Most Innovative Place on Earth!


EiQ is proud to announce the next Innovative Leadership Summit at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida, September 27 – 30, 2016. The Summit is a result of years of experience and research on the leadership skills, methods, and practices needed to build and sustain a more innovative organization and team.

At the Summit You Will:

  • Learn to be a more creative and innovative leader by developing  an “innovator’s mindset.”
  • Learn how to build more creativity and innovation on your team
  • Learn to improve your competitive position by building the processes and infrastructure needed to continuously generate new ideas and innovations.
  • Learn to build a work environment that will effectively attract, retain, and engage the best talent.
  • Work collaboratively with others to address and solve a real organizational challenge you are facing.

Registration is closed for the September 27-30, 2016 Summit but refer to this website for future offerings.

Watch this quick overview of the EiQ Innovative Leadership Summit at Walt Disney World.

Innovative Teams Begin with Innovative Leaders!

Although many organizational leaders have a strong desire to see more innovation in their organization, the hard fact is that most organizations are NOT designed to innovate, and we shouldn’t expect an organization to do what it isn’t designed to do.  If we want our organizations to innovate, we must effectively design them to do so. But designing an innovative organization takes a unique kind of leadership to make it happen—this is called Innovative Leadership.  Innovative leaders understand that human performance is complex and the result of many interrelated and interconnected factors. They learn how to assess these factors and how to design and realign them to support innovation.

Your Registration Includes:

  • Accommodations for three nights at Walt Disney World’s Coronado Springs Resort, with catered food and beverages
  • A ticket to a Walt Disney World Theme Park as part of a team activity
  • A private catered viewing of Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Illuminations fireworks show
  • Disney’s innovative MyMagic+ experience
  • Disney’s Magical Express transportation to and from Orlando’s airport

A Results-Focused Learning Experience


Surrounded by the innovation of Walt Disney World, the Innovative Leadership Summit focuses on generating innovative solutions for the challenges you are facing in your organization. 

The approaches, methods, and tools presented at the EiQ Innovative Leadership Summit were derived from years of research and experience in the areas of innovation, leadership development, change management and Human Performance Technology (HPT).  Your Summit experience will include many different collaborative activities using strategic methods and practical tools for sparking and sustaining idea generation and innovation where you need it most. Participants will learn to apply a process called the BASIS Method which provides a holistic and systematic roadmap for driving and sustaining innovation in an organization.  BASIS stands for Brand, Assess, Spark, Implement, and Sustain.  As part of learning the elements of BASIS, participants gain access to a comprehensive innovation tool set. One of the macro-level tools is an interactive, high-level action planning tool called the BASIS “Canvas.” Throughout the Summit experience, each participant completes a BASIS “Canvas” which serves as an action plan to generate new ideas and innovations where they are needed the most.

In addition, Summit participants learn to apply the “Innovator’s Lens” represented by the ARC Model. ARC stands for Acknowledge, Reframe, and Connect and represents the process innovators use to generate new ideas and innovations. Through a series of individual and team-based activities, participants apply ARC to real organizational challenges they are facing. As part of this, participants will also experience how Everyday Connections™ can lead to outcomes far greater than imagined possible.

See the exciting agenda for the Innovative Leadership Summit at Walt Disney World Resort.

Practical and Impactful Learning With a Highly Experienced Team of Facilitators

EiQ's Innovative Leadership Summit at Walt Disney World is facilitated by EiQ Co-Founders, Terry M. Farmer, Ph.D. and Xavier Butte, along with a very talented team of associates. Learn more here.

What Others are Saying about EiQ's Methods and Tools:

"Thanks so much for your wonderful Innovation Workshop! The Board and Partners were stimulated, engaged, and motivated to apply the concepts, tools and approaches you shared to all parts of our organization. Thanks to EiQ, this is a workshop with lasting impact!"

"Our partnership with EiQ is taking our organization to success beyond what we ever imagined possible!"

"This workshop was remarkably practical – allowing us to examine the challenges that arose through a year’s worth of strategic planning using a variety of innovative approaches and lenses. We now have a series of tools to encourage innovative thinking in every aspect of our work. A series of brainstorming breakouts yielded new targets, new approaches, fresh ideas, and new sources of additional ideas and innovations.  Thank you EiQ for such a thought-provoking and engaging workshop."

"This was a very inspiring workshop. It clearly showed that the skills of innovation can be taught to a broad audience. Some of the organizations were small, and some were large. In all cases, there were core areas where new ideas and new approaches were needed. The EiQ process helped these leaders, and staff members to work through some simple approaches to generating ideas. The second day was more focused on creating processes for each organization to enable innovation on an ongoing basis. It was great to see the leaders walking away feeling empowered to approach their work with new perspectives, and with a sense that they could sustain it going forward."

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EiQ's Everyday Innovation eBook

EiQ's Everyday Innovation eBook

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